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Studies show that highly functioning companies utilize their HR and Payroll systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Human Resources and Payroll. After all, your HRMS and Payroll system are a tremendous investment and should be returning the value anticipated when your organization made the commitment to use a particular system or vendor. Unfortunately, many HR and Payroll organizations have difficulty realizing the benefits and the return on investment they expected from these applications. This may occur due to a limited budget during implementation, too rapid of an implementation schedule to modify current processes, recent acquisitions or divestitures, availability of internal resources during implementation, or a variety of other reasons. Whichever your situation, RCM can help you realize the full potential of your systems.

RCM’s proven HCM Assessment methodology has helped many organizations evaluate the current state of the integration between HR and Payroll business processes and the supporting HRMS or Payroll system. The result is a comprehensive roadmap focused on efficiency and productivity gains and realization of the planned return on investment. The recommendations are based on our extensive experience and knowledge of HRMS and Payroll systems and our focus on HR and Payroll best and accepted practices.

Target Areas

Organizational Assessment

Has a proper organizational structure been established? Are the right skills and development programs in place? Are you sufficiently staffed to address the anticipated workload?

Change Management

Is a communication plan in place for initiatives affecting others within the organization? Are special projects staffed with appropriately skilled personnel, including a project manager? Do Service Level Agreements exist between key corporate groups?

Business Processes

How efficiently does your organization collect, enter and process data? Do HR, Benefits and Payroll regularly interact and are integration points clearly defined and documented?

Enabling Opportunities

Is there a culture of constant improvement? Is there additional system functionality to be implemented? Does a shared service center make sense in your environment?


Does your documentation strategy ensure proper tracking of business processes and proper maintenance of the documentation? Are documents technically sound, complete, and easily comprehended? Are documents stored in a knowledge repository available to appropriate personnel?

Application Configuration

Does the setup of the HCM system support the needs of the organization? Is application data entered once and only once? Is application data captured as close to the source as practical?



How efficiently does your organization retrieve data through standard system reports, custom routine reports, and ad hoc reports? Are tools available to produce these reports?


Are standard accounting and audit procedures being followed? How accurate is the data being maintained by HR and Payroll? Is appropriate system access assigned each operator by the Security Administrator?

Self Service

Is there a plan and process in place to continually enhance the existing production environment to leverage additional employee enabling technology? Is workflow used where justified and appropriate?


Are all inbound and outbound interfaces identified and run timely and properly? Is there an approved IS process in place to respond in a timely fashion for the development or modification of interfaces?

Production Management

Are the right databases, individuals and plans in place to effect change such as an upgrade, regulatory update, or system modification? Does a documented testing strategy exist?

System Performance

How well are your systems operating from a functional point of view? Are processing times for data entry, system processes, reports and interfaces within the accepted baseline or standard? Does IS/HR management have an effective way to understand and resolve system and processing problems?

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