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Is your company prepared if you and your departmental lottery pool actually won? First of all, congratulations! This may be equally as unlikely as being hit by the proverbial bus, but is your company ready to handle sudden and unexpected upheaval of HR and payroll staff? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place should one or more of your payroll team members abruptly leave (i.e. FMLA, new job, job relocation of spouse, flight risk, etc.)? Are your HR and payroll processes documented? Do you have documented step-by-step desktop procedures for their day-to-day and business critical activities? Are your employees cross-trained? Is there valuable institutional knowledge that is known only by one or two key people? Would hires and terminations, benefit enrollments, and payroll be processed correctly and on time?

RCM can help your company set up a Business Continuity Plan should unforeseen circumstances cause disruption in your payroll or HR department. Could your company use help in any of these areas?
  • Documenting Payroll and HR processes and procedures
  • Training for managers and/or employees on ADP Products
  • Reviewing current ADP payroll and HR system setup
  • Setting up payroll controls
  • Defining your payroll department’s division of roles and responsibilities
  • Other work-related issues that keep you up at night

Depending on your requirements, an RCM consultant can be onsite for a few days or a few weeks to assess your current state and provide recommendations for setting up a Business Continuity Plan.

As a second phase to the project, we can assist with implementing the recommendations, such as documenting processes, desktop procedures, and configuration changes in your system.

If you need an interim payroll, HR, or HRIS resource, for a planned or unplanned job vacancy, RCM can assist with an onsite or remote consultant. RCM gives our clients the confidence that the required work will be completed by a professional consultant who has “walked in their shoes” and understands their business requirements, not just the system in use.

If something unexpected happens, you can now have peace of mind knowing that you have a contingency plan in place and there is nothing to worry about after you cash in your lottery winnings. We can all dream!

Download a PDF version of this page here.

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