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It is difficult to realize the true value of an HRIS system if you don’t have access to all your data, including historical data from one or more legacy systems. For ADP clients who want to retain access to employee data from legacy systems – RCM can help!

History Conversion Approach

We convert your historical data into a standalone client-hosted or RCM cloud-hosted database that you can access, rather than load history into your ADP system.

Our approach for converting historical data, regardless of the option you choose, is to:

  • Analyze your history data requirements
  • Recommend typical and identify client-specific data to be converted
  • Identify the best method for converting data
  • Write a functional specification for your approval
  • Develop project plan
  • Determine schema for the history database
  • Map the data from the legacy system(s) to the history database and validate with you
  • Convert data
  • Support client testing and validation


RCM provides you with three options when it comes to converting employee history. All options give you the ability to access your data, but vary based upon your requirements.

Option 1

We convert historical data from one or more legacy systems into a consolidated, standalone database with this option. Data is accessed by direct SQL query or by your standard third-party reporting tool (e.g. Cognos).

This is the most basic option and perfect for clients who need only occasional ad hoc reports from the historical data.

Options 2

This expands on the previous option by including a basic inquiry front end application. This allows a user to look up one employee at a time to view commonly requested employee data such as job, employment, and pay history.

The front end is designed to allow quick and easy access to employee data, not to replicate any legacy system look and feel.

Options 3

This option adds a final dimension to the history database by adding standard reports. RCM works with you to identify reports that are often requested from the historical data.

Report output is in CSV format that can be opened in Excel where the data can be sorted, filtered or pivoted to suit your needs.

Download a PDF version of this page here.

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